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Legal Services Fee


Our office service fee is Rp 5,000,000, – per month with a deposit payment for the service for 3 (three) months in advance. Where the client has the right to 20 (twenty) hours of work per month for our services. Payment for legal services that have been given performed on every first day of each month following the 3 (three) months of such prepayment.
Unless otherwise agreed between the client with ANTARIKSA & ASSOCIATES, if our working hours have exceeded the 20 (twenty) hours, then the client will be subject to payment in accordance with the number of working hours has been given where our service costs per hour are vary between 250,000, – to Rp. 500.000,


Our office service fee for each hour of work is between Rp. 250.000, – to Rp. 500.000, – with a deposit down payment of Rp. 5.000.000, – where our billing costs will be carried out at each end of next month, namely on the services provided during the 1 (one) month prior to deducting the money deposit that have been paid.


Our office service fee based on the wholesale system based on a percentage (5% -20%) of the value of each case is handled or based on mutual agreement between the client and ANTARIKSA & ASSOCIATES where clients are required to pay 40% of the agreed service fee on when signing the Power of Attorney and the remaining payments will be implemented as agreed between the client with ANTARIKSA & ASSOCIATES