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Our advokats will provide a Legal Opinion (Legal Opinion) to the Company in carrying out its business activities, which includes legal issues related to Corporations, Business Licensing, Business Contracts, Employment/Labor, Civil Law, Criminal Law and other legal issues related to policy. the company and provide written or verbal opinions or legal advice on the client's business continuity so that it remains in accordance with applicable law in Indonesia;


Our team ad Advocates will carry out a legal examination and due diligence  on the company's business activities, which include to legal explanations for document checking, examinations of the legality of a legal entity and or business entity, and other activities that require legal considerations, after conducting Legal Due Diligence,  we will then provide a written legal opinion, so that it can be used by the client as a guide in carrying out business transactions and or in dealing with a legal problem involving the company;


Our team as advocates will provide legal assistance for the company in conducting various negotiations with second or third parties, especially negotiations in the context of drafting and or reviewing contracts/agreements in connection with business transactions to be carried out, providing advice on other legal documents that must be prepared/deemed necessary for the implementation of the agreement. related, as well as drafting contracts (contract drafting) for the company's business interests;


Our team as Advocates will assist to filling all the important documents legality and permits owned by the company and ensure that the legality and permits owned by the company remain in valid (valid) conditions and in accordance with applicable regulations;

Also  assisting the process of The establishment and formation of limited liability company (PT), Domestic Capital Investment (PMDN) as well as Foreign Capital Investment (PMA) and to prepare and assist in the legalization and preparation of licenses and other requirements for Companies, among others:

  • Legalization, establishment, formation, conflicts of Firm and Limited Partnership (CV) Limited Liability Company (PT) Domestic Capital Investment (PMDN )and Foreign Capital Investment (PMA), Foundation, Association, etc.;
  • Building Approval (PBG) and Function-worthy Certification (SLF)
  • Advertising Permit;
  • OSS (Online Single Submission) Business Identification Number (NIB)
  • Process UKL/UPL (Enviromental Management Certificate)
  • Passport, KITAS, KITAP;
  • Company Tax Number (NPWP) and Taxable Entrepreneur (PKP)
  • Tax Reporting assist your company and company employees in filing tax reports.
  • Share sale and purchase and merging of shares
  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Retrenchment of Company, Merger and Acquisition
  • Insolvent/Bankruptcy