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Antariksa & Associates

Law Office

An advocate’s office and legal consultants who provide services to its clients with legal services in a professional manner that emphasizes the quality of work, practical and efficient at a reasonable cost

Scope & Services

ANTARIKSA & ASSOCIATES to assist, represent and provide legal consultation and services for both clients who are in Indonesia and from foreign countries, which include, among others:

  • Providing consulting services and legal advice in connection with the activities of clients
  • Conducting research, examination of law and providing legal opinion on what documents the legal, transaction or legal problems faced by clients, including make, prepare, propose improvements, or perform rearrangement of legal documents or various forms of client contracts
  • Assist and / or represent clients in negotiations or forming partnerships, transactions and agreements with third parties
  • Helping resolve disputes by deliberation and negotiation with third parties
  • Represent, accompany and defend clients in the face of the institutions of justice or arbitration in Indonesia